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With our combined experience in building luxury homes, personalised customer service and communication, we have cultivated ourselves as luxury home construction specialists across Brisbane, with our motivation and expertise leading us to be award winning custom build specialists in our first year.


You are a part of each step of our luxury build process, working side by side with our team of specialised builders and suppliers to design your perfect home from consultation through to getting the keys. You can put your trust in us to ensure your home is being built by only the best, and that you have a say in each step of the process.


Here at Elysium Designed, you are a part of making your dream come true.


Our exceptional communication with you begins with your first enquiry into a home build. You will receive an easy to complete enquiry questionnaire and a comprehensive e-brochure complete with all of our building construction information.


You’ll then get to meet with the team at Elysium Designed to outline your current plan information and details, budget and requirements.


Getting into the gritty details to ensure you get exactly what you want, we sit down with you and go over your existing plan outline, to gather a comprehensive understanding of your dream home, your requirements and the construction details.


A preliminary agreement and construction quote will be drawn up and discussed in detail with you to ensure complete satisfaction in the cost, construction plans, and schedule. Elysium Designed work with you and our team builders and subcontractors to plan and confirm all aspects of your build, ensuring our quotes are to a superior level of detail and contain all information regarding your construction from start to finish.

  • Location & site access
  • Build aspect, size level of finish
  • Fixtures needed
  • Preliminary quote of costs
  • Approval of budget and schedule


Once you’re satisfied with the construction plans, have approved the quote and a schedule is decided, you will receive the final documentation including all detailed and specified information on the build and a residential building contract. When both parties have signed the contract and a deposit is paid, then the final step before your dream home is built is for all necessary insurances to be paid, enabling the building approval to go ahead.


The build is finally here! With all construction plans approved, our superior builders will begin making your plans come to life. We send you a weekly update, including onsite snapshots of the development and progress, and fortnightly onsite meetings so you can oversee the progress of your home, and discuss each step with us.


Your new home is finally ready! Two weeks prior to receiving your keys, we do a complete walk through of your new home with you, making sure you are completely satisfied with your luxury home build.


At the final handover, you’ll receive all your keys, remote controls, instruction manuals and your warranties. All that’s left is to move in and relax in your new paradise, designed just for you.

Make your dream home a reality with Elysium Designed.

Contact us today for a free project assessment, and build the luxury home you’ve always wanted.