Design Matters

Design Matters

The dream of an architecturally designed home in which a harmonious balance of beauty and practicality is achieved, that is really liveable and can be enjoyed for generations – is now easier than you think.

Great designs must be sensitive to the local area and environment, with a strong focus on balanced proportions, and smart functional elements, to create an exciting home that really works and is very liveable.

But what does ‘liveable’ really mean?  Several contributing factors include:

1. Your home should be enjoyable and fun to live in.
2.  The house should be well positioned on your block to maximise it’s position in relation to the sun.
3.  Every member of the household should be catered for: for example, parents’ area needs to be private and relaxing, while children need their own space too, even if it’s just a TV nook or a quiet place for homework.
4.  If you’re a sociable household, guests need to feel comfortable and catered for – whether they’re visiting for a few hours, or a week.
5.  Enhanced interaction between indoor and outdoors to maximise the benefits of the site and to take advantage of the beautiful Queensland sun.

To achieve a design that not only makes great use of the overall area but also provides a good feeling of space can be a difficult balance to attain, but by using innovative solutions, you can achieve more with less.

Architectural features, such as high ceilings, engineered timber flooring, textured panels and external wall projections can all set your home apart from the rest and lend it real personality, elevating the appearance of a house from ordinary to outstanding, but can be expensive if not properly thought through.

Elysium Designed can connect you with one of our amazing architectural partners to create a home which is really liveable and enjoyable for generations.

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January 09, 2017

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