Keep Calm and Start Planning Part 2 – Budget

Keep Calm and Start Planning Part 2 – Budget

Creating a home is so much more than putting a collection of rooms under a roof.  It is a journey that requires careful research and planning if you want the house of your dreams.  Part 2 of our keep calm and start planning strategy will briefly delve into budgeting.

Determining a budget for your project is essential.  It is in your best interest to let the builder know what budget you are hoping to achieve on your project.

You need to weigh up what you want and need against what is affordable for you.  Think through the entire process, remembering finishing touches such as fencing, landscaping and furniture.

Have a healthy contingency for any changes that you make or that may arise. Use a spreadsheet to track projected costs against actual, so you can make decisions based on reality rather than a guess.

At Elysium Designed we guide you through the entire building process to ensure your experience is as stress free as possible.

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January 24, 2017

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