Keep Calm and Start Planning Part 4 – Plan to Succeed

Keep Calm and Start Planning Part 4 – Plan to Succeed

Part 4 of our keep calm and start planning strategy will consider the design.

It is vital that you look at your plans in detail and think carefully about how you will actually function living in all of the specific spaces.

Envisage how you would furnish your home and consider all the little details. Moving walls and changing details is easy on paper but expensive to change a plan after your contract is signed.

As Chris Reardon the author of ‘Your Home – Australia’s guide to environmentally sustainable homes’ states choosing the right designer for your project is arguably your most important step on the path to your new home.

Discuss your ideas, get advice and trust your designer.  Chris firmly believes that the following points should be considered when selecting an architect or building designer:

1.  You may want to delegate all of the design decisions for your home to the designer and consultants.

2.  You may want to be fully involved throughout the process. In either case, discuss your level of involvement with designers before appointing one. Levels of client involvement in the design process are a common source of disagreement between the parties.

3.  Choose a designer who is prepared to work the way you want to.

Elysium Designed can connect you with one of our architectural partners who will create a home which is really liveable and enjoyable for generations.

Make Elysium Designed your builder of choice.  Contact us now for a project assessment and turn your vision into reality.

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February 24, 2017

Integrating a ‘French’ design pattern to the driveway of our East Brisbane project using an Ashlar Slate stencil in French Grey matching the colour scheme of this property, while providing a fantastic finish to any concrete surface. Thank you Hippos Concreting for a quality job. #brisbanebuilder #customdesign #ashlarslate #eastbrisbane #driveway #rustic
Incorporating CSR Cemintel Urban to the entry of our East Brisbane project provides a contemporary exterior facade creating the look of raw concrete for a great looking, modern finish #brisbanebuilder #customdesign #csrcemintel #exteriorfacade
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