Our Process


You will receive an enquiry questionnaire and our detailed e-brochure.

Initial Consultation

Meet with us to discuss all your requirements and possibilities for your new home, including any conditions which need to be considered on your location, as well as budget, fixtures and finishes. If you already have your own detailed plans and are ready to start building, all your requirements will be noted to assist in preparing a detailed construction quote.  If you don’t have your own plans we can connect you with an Architect.

General Review & Preliminary Work Agreement

A preliminary agreement will be put in place to cover some of the costs involved with coordinating all the information required to put together a very detailed quote which will vary depending on the size and level of finish required on your project and whether you have detailed plans or require us to arrange them. We put a lot of effort into our quotes to ensure we include everything you have asked for and what has been shown on the plans.

Final Documentation

Once you are happy with all the plans and have accepted our detailed proposal, you will receive final documentation including a detailed specification and a residential building contract. Once both parties have signed, a deposit will need to be paid. All necessary insurances are paid enabling the Certifier to provide building approval.

Start Your Build

This is where the fun really starts…Construction! We send a weekly email providing a snap shot on developments and hold fortnightly onsite meetings where we can share the progress with you.

The Keys To Your New Home

Two weeks prior to hand over we will invite you to walk through your new home to ensure you are completely satisfied. At the final handover all keys, remote controls, and all necessary warranties and instruction manuals are given to you. Now it’s time to enjoy your beautiful new home.

Make your dream home a reality with Elysium Designed.

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