Why our philosophy of Design&Construct; can work for you

Why our philosophy of Design&Construct; can work for you

At Elysium Designed we believe that the building of your new home or renovation should be an enjoyable experience.  Adopting a collaborative approach at the outset by combining the integrated services of a builder and professional designer ensure an efficient and seamless building process.

Our point of difference and what ensures that seamless and enjoyable experience our clients love is achieved by connecting every one of the many vital links in the design and construct chain.

Some of the benefits of working together as a single team include:

EXPERTISE: The builder is involved from the very start offering advice and suggestions on practical ways to keep costs down and resolve any construction detail and potential issues.

COLLABORATION: The design and building phases can be planned right from the start of the project, streaming processes and controlling costs.

EVERYBODY IS ON THE SAME TEAM: Your initial vision for your home is not compromised – from concept through to design, delivery and finalisation.

INVOLVEMENT: You are an active participant in the design and construction of your home, you understand the process and know what is going on guaranteeing you get the outcome and satisfaction you envisaged.

TOTAL ACCOUNTABILITY: Accountability for the project by a single company from start to finish, mitigating blame between the architect and builder.

We believe the best outcome is always the result of a rewarding collaboration between the client, designer and builder.  Please contact us for a copy our Design&Construct Navigation Wheel to see how our building process works.

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May 13, 2017

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